When planning a funeral for a loved one, the family will almost always need to select a coffin. Choosing a ‘Coffin to Die For’ coffin helps families come together and focus on celebrating the life, sharing captured memories, being remembered and reflecting the unique personality of the cherished family member.

Our bespoke coffins are personalised making funerals more special, memorable, personal and meaningful for families and friends. Our creators design and personalise each coffin in such a way that honours your loved one’s memory and truly represents the person that they were.

Our team will customise to your requirements from our predesigned and themed coffins to a slightly more unique coffin of your choosing with images of your choice, making sure we meet your needs all while providing a personalised bespoke coffin of the highest quality in the most caring, compassionate and professional way.

At Coffins to Die For we take great pride and care in the work we do so you receive the highest quality honour to a loved one that will help you celebrate their life. In every picture there is a story, in every memory there is history, with every picture there is a memory captured, a moment that will outlast time itself. We invite you to provide your own personal touch by supplying your own photographs, poems, paintings and messages, as well as giving you the choice if you choose to select a bespoke predesigned coffin that reflects the unique personality and memory of your loved one and what they cherished most in life.

By personalising and customising your family members coffin it gives family and friends the opportunity to express themselves and be celebrated giving a genuine reflection of the person they truly were and providing a creative touch to their loved one’s funeral.

Personalised coffins from ‘Coffins to Die For’ allow for a more unique, memorable and special funeral giving you the opportunity to express your emotions and affection during this vulnerable time. Planning a funeral for a child, or young person who passed away well before their time and choosing a traditional coffin may feel too impersonal, cold and uncharacteristic. Traditional coffins are not for everyone and creating a forever home for your loved one in a ‘Coffin to Die For’ coffin helps the family find peace and comfort in choosing their loved ones final resting place.

A ‘Coffin to Die For’ coffin gives an insight into the personality of your loved one and the precious memories you hold of the life being celebrated, it allows you to do one last thing for the person you loved and to make one final statement, a unique and pleasant memory for their family and friends.